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// T-6

Compact starter, strong performance

Custom-Driven Design

TurboTwister is available as a “starter-only” for retrofitting into existing systems where manual controls and bolt on equipment is already in place. It’s also available as a Plug & Play Starter with Integrated Solenoid and Relay Valve. A full GAS Compliance Version can be purchased featuring 3” NPT exhaust threading, which allows for a directional “ported” exhaust and fitment of optional silencers, spark arrestors, air diverters, or for piping away hazardous starter exhaust gasses.

T-6 TurboTwister

Fully Integrated Start System
Powerfull Lightweight

TDI’s expertise in “compact horsepower” began in 1958. Not surprisingly, the highly efficient TurboTwister packs more output power per pound than any other air starter in the industry. Its wider operating range (from 45-150 psig/3.1-10.3 BAR) means it can be applied across a wider range of engine sizes (15-160 liters). In the past you would need to stock three or four different starter models to cover your engine fleet, now you will only need the TurboTwister.


  • Weight: 17.2 kg
  • Designed for engines with a displacement of 15 up to 160 litres.


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