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Your authorized distributor for TDI air starters

Starting the machines that run you business

 In our effort to continue developing and offer our customers a wide variety of high-quality compressed air technology products, we have been a specialist retailer of TDI Tech Development products since 2000. This US American company from Dayton, Ohio started developing robust compressed air starters for starting diesel and gas engines even in difficult environments over 40 years ago. With various product lines such as TurboStart and TURBOTWIN, TDI is now the leading producer of compressed air starters for the oil and gas industry, for power plants and mining. The use of high-quality steel and aluminium alloys enables the achievement of a robust design that permanently withstands the high stresses.

Autorized Distributor
Reliable from the start
Starters for gas turbines

As a specialist retailer, we offer the leading compressed air starters for gas turbines from TDI Tech Development, and advise customers individually on request.

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The power of a lightweight

The T-20 compressed air starter is a compact and resilient power pack for operation in harsh conditions.

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Within the tightest of spaces

In maritime use, particularly for small ship engines, the T-25 has made a name for itself as a very practical and long-lived compressed air starter.

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A class of its own

No plastic parts are installed in the T-30, which is extremely robust and resilient thanks to its steel alloy.

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In the right place

The T-50 can be effortlessly looked after by one person who has the reliable and compact compressed air starter securely under control.

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Pure efficiency

In both variants, as a pre-engaged starter and as an inertia-engaged starter, the T-100 demonstrates maximum efficiency.

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More than just a starter

This model is presented as a unique, smart starting air system that offers several solutions in one.

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Compact starter

Strong performance

TurboTwister is available as a “starter-only” for retrofitting into existing systems where manual controls and bolt on equipment is already in place.

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