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Safe storage of starting air

The air for starting

The starting air receivers, our specialist production field in the area of vessel construction, are an important element in efficient power generation. They store the compressed air required for starting large diesel and gas engines as well as gas turbines. Areas in which the starting air receivers are frequently used include marine propulsion systems, oil rigs, co-generation plants and emergency power generators.


Good drive
Certified and individual

High quality and safety are our standard, but we do not merely manufacture standard models. We supply starting air receivers in accordance with or on the basis of DIN 6274 or DIN 6275 in sizes from 30 to 2,500 litres with an operating pressure of 30 bar. We also manufacture larger receivers and special designs with capacities up to approx. 25,000 litres or with different operating data according to customer requirements. Without exception, all of the vessels produced by us are designed, manufactured, tested and ultimately certified according to the regulations of the international classification and certification bodies in order to ensure safe operation in conformity with the regulations.

  • As per the pressure equipment Directive 97/23/EC and the AD2000 regulations
  • Delivery with appropriate valve heads with rated widths of DN 38, DN 50 and DN 80
  • Upon request air receiver are also available in stainless steel


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