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// T-20

Small power pack with high performance

In the world's most difficult locations

Thanks to its compact design and high performance, the T-20 guarantees efficient starting at low or declining pressure. Due to its ingenious design with large air passages, contamination, low temperatures and moisture also have little effect on the device from American manufacturer TDI Tech Development.

Big advantages

Created for harsh conditions
The power of a lightweight

The advantages of the T-20 compressed air starter in comparison with an electric starter are particularly revealed in harsh conditions. The T-20 defies even extremely low temperatures, and is long-lived, reliable and safe. Lubrication is not necessary. The T-20 from the TURBOTWIN range is a resilient power pack with low weight, and is outstandingly suitable for use in demanding environments such as mining, shipping or on oil rigs.

  • Weight: 8 to 11 kg
  • Available in 20 configurations
  • Suitable for air and natural gas
  • Designed for diesel engines with a displacement of up to 6 litres or gas engines of up to 8 litres


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