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// 45M

Starting becomes a sure-fire success

More than just a starter

The 45M model is presented as a unique, smart system that offers several solutions in one. The 45M turbine is a compact compressed air starter consisting of integrated controls with pre-programming, a relay valve, an electrical cylinder coil, an integrated silencer, fittings, an interface to the engine control system and an emergency bypass.

All in one

Using a complete system
The smart alternative

The integrated starting system optimally prevents possible operator errors. After quick installation, the 45M is ready to replace up to 20 individual components, thus reducing costs, time and effort. This smart system is used to efficiently simplify processes, thereby guaranteeing increased safety, more extensive functionality, faster processes and greater reliability. And the all-in-one box doesn’t even weight 20 kg.

  • For engines with displacements of up to 110 litres
  • Suitable for air
  • Standard flange or threaded inlet
  • No lubrication necessary


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